Google docs isn’t ready for me

I decided to move all my word processing on Google Documents, but I had to withdraw that decision.
I have two critical issues with text documents. The first being the inability to number my heading in text documents. There was a solution in the old Google Documents editor by editing the CSS of the documents. A feature that doesn’t exist anymore, and which is, according to Google, impossible to add back.

The second is that I can’t setup a different heading and footer for te first page of a Goggle document.

It is crazy that Google hasn’t implemented such features! Their support forum is full of message concerning those missing features, and the removal of the edit CSS option.

On an other side, the spreadsheet editor seems really powerful. It does what I need for now, and I hope it’ll continue so.

I then noticed that it is possible to store any type of file in Google Documents. This is nice as Google offers 1 GB of free storage and additional storage is cheap. But for such feature to be really usefull to me I need the documents to be synced accross my computers. Which is not yet possible.

Come one Google, bring us a real online word processing experience!

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