My choice: WordPress

A couple of month ago, I have discovered WordPress. I was looking for a good CMS plateform for my Gecka customers. That CMS plateform I was looking after had those prerequisites:

  • friendly and easy to use backend
  • well documented
  • short learning curve
  • flexible
  • easy to extend
  • extended community

My first try was with Joomla. Here, in Kanaky-New-Caledonia, most other companies deliver web sites using it. It is well reputed and said to be well written (object oriented) and powerfull. So I thought it was good and gave it a try… But it was like:

Boooooo! … WTF is that!

Yes, for sure, Joomla is everything but is not friendly and not easy to administer, it is not well documented and nor flexible or easy to extend at all…. It took me ages to extend the user registration form. Everyhting I have been trying to hack has been like a nightmare, really.

So I decided to give WordPress a quick try and, well, until now it has just been fun. WordPress is a simple blogging plateform, with very little amount of classes, a lot of procedural code, it is light weight but well it is so powerful.

It is well coded. I love that actions/filters hook capability that allows to do about everything out of WordPress!

WordPress is still not fully documented but reverse engineering the code, understanding it to find the proper actions/filers is so easy.

The learning curve to build custom plugins and templates is so small. Reading a single how to, you’ll get your custom plugin showing up in your WordPress installation in a few miniutes!

Along with the great new additions that came with WP 3.0, I would say I am having fun again in making website. My choice is made: long life to wordpress!

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